Experience: 30yrs in the business of providing DJs & Karaoke for all manner of Venues and Audiences, your functions music and atmosphere will be skillfully worked from the start to the last dance! Anyone can put music on but to read and work an entire night takes a special skill. Years of experience with audiences is how it's perfected. There's only one comment you really want to hear the next day What a great night everybody had!

Music: We supply music for everyone and try to play to the overall audience, not just the taste of one or two.
(The client is also welcome to email an example of music they would like to hear on the night.) We will be only too happy to use the list along side our playlist. Its simple logic....While its working stay with it, when it isn't change it!

Equipment: We have good quality lighting and sound systems. Computer and CD based music, played at a volume to suite the audience and venue. If you want it to Rock then we have the wattage waiting.
Smoke machine is available if requested.

Availability: Like all good services try to book well in advance but if you find we are unavailable on your chosen date - no problem we have great operators on our Database ready to help.

Weddings, Big or small kids Birthdays, Corporate Functions, we've been there before! So I hope to see you at your next Function!

Still need some convincing? 16 years here alone, on-the-water entertaining the masses. Doesn't jog the memory? Ask one of your friends - someone you know will have been here! The best reference is always from someone you know! Click on the Pic. See if you've been there!

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